Hands-on training to help you become an expert in Atlassian Command Line Interface (ACLI)

Lesson 1: Master class introduction

This master class offers hands-on training to help you make the most of Atlassian Command Line Interface and use Jira more productively.


Lesson 2: Installation and basic configuration

Learn the ACLI architecture (app plugin and desktop install). Expert Michael Kuhl walks you through the installation wizard and explains site configuration uses.


Lesson 3: Touring the ACLI capabilities

This lesson explains the ACLI approach to supporting many Atlassian products while maintaining a consistent command pattern. See example actions for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo that illustrate how your knowledge of one action type can be applied across Atlassian products.


Lesson 4: Skip the clicks—Using the GUI vs. using the CLI

This lesson demonstrates the method for creating a Confluence space in the GUI vs. on the command line. Instructor Michael Kuhl shows you how this simple change to using the CLI becomes exponentially more powerful when performing the same task at scale.


Lesson 5: Get all the datas

In this lesson, you’ll explore the “Get” ACLI action type. Michael Kuhl demonstrates a simple get of a Bitbucket Cloud repository, then shows a more in-depth example using Bamboo with getDeploymentProjectList.


Lesson 6: Walk then run—Exploring ACLI run actions for high volume operations

Explore the “run” action type as an automation extension of the “Get” action type. In this lesson, you’ll get a detailed demonstration of the “runFromCSV” action to create multiple Jira projects from a file. Michael Kuhl further illustrates the concept with the “runFromProjectList” action by creating Confluence spaces from the list of projects.


Lesson 7: Advanced action usage

Go beyond the required action parameters to advanced capabiilties of action parameters. This lesson demonstrates list filtering, text replacement, and output formatting.


Lesson 8: Scripting for fun and profit

Move beyond single line actions to multiple actions in a script. Explore runtime variables and conditional execution in this master class lesson.


Lesson 9: Where to go from here

A guide to continued learning in mastering Atlassian Command Line Interface.


To learn more, visit Atlassian Command Line Interface documentation.

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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