Powerful automation for anything in Jira

Power Scripts for Jira lets you tackle the most complex workflow automation challenges. It helps streamline processes in Jira with workflow process templates and Jira automation code. This app is for global enterprises demanding agility, governance, and security needs.

What can you achieve with Power Scripts?

  • More flexibility to convert time-consuming processes into agile workflows with custom and built-in scripts for post-functions, validators, conditions, listeners, and JQL queries;
  • Avoid bottlenecks by more closely tracking the progress of projects to enable smarter decisions and faster responses;
  • Integrate with countless other Jira systems, regardless of which Jira version they have;
  • Manipulate and extend Jira UI as you want;
  • Connect workflows to unlimited external data sources.

How can you use Power Scripts?

Power Scripts for Jira offers unlimited custom Jira cloud scripting and automation capabilities to automate workflows and your most complex tasks.

Common use cases include:

  • Replace many single-purpose apps with all-in-one Jira scripting;
  • Automate “If This Then That” functionality for Jira;
  • No need to have programming knowledge to use SIL®;
  • Automate your workflows;
  • Implement batch updates and notifications to your issues and automate Jira power scripts workflows and tasks with SIL® services & job scheduling;
  • Synchronize with remote databases, LDAP, arbitrary APIs, and other power script instances;
  • Create custom workflow conditions, validators, and post functions;
  • Get a comprehensive view of the workflow actions, screens, and their fields;
  • Schedule scripts to run on an interval or as a cron job;
  • Call your script from anywhere, synchronously or asynchronously;
  • Start a script without leaving your dashboard;
  • Implement batch updates and notifications to your issues and automate tasks with SIL® services & job scheduling;
  • For Groovy scripting, get the free ​SIL® Groovy Connector.

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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