​Rodney Nissen (TheJiraGuy), presents the following problem.

So, imagine this. You are in a meeting, reviewing some configuration changes you want to make to a field, and a stakeholder asks this dreaded question: So, where exactly is this field used, anyways?

Every stakeholder, every time.

Well, there goes your afternoon. 

Nissen, Rodney. (2020). App Review: Botron Power Admin. https://thejiraguy.com/2020/01/08/app-review-power-admin/
This app review explains how Botron Power Admin helps to solve this problem (finding out where a custom field is used), and addresses other problems as well.

About Product Validation Reports

Product Validation Reports (App reviews) produced by TheJiraGuy.com—a widely read blog by Rodney Nissen—aim to deliver independent validation of vendor product capability and provide insights on how the product complements customers’ native Atlassian Jira deployments. It includes Rodney Nissen’s opinions, and the vendor does not influence these opinions.

Last updated: 2023-02-01

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