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Free guide: The ultimate guide to powering up your service desk

Atlassian consultant and expert JSM administrator Rachel Wright covers strategies for implementation, best practices, and valuable tips for managing service requests.

The Agile team's comprehensive guide to acing estimations

Free guide: The Agile team’s comprehensive guide to acing estimations

The Agile team’s comprehensive guide to acing estimations explains the core methods for estimating the effort involved in a particular task or story. You’ll also find helpful cheat sheets and insightful use cases inside for your Agile teams!

How to go Agile the right way (and avoid costly mistakes)

Free guide: How to go Agile the right way and avoid costly mistakes

If you’re thinking of implementing Agile at your organization, we’ve got a guide for you! It’s called How to go Agile the right way and avoid costly mistakes. This free, value-packed ebook offers expert tips on how to go Agile, and some advice for avoiding the costly mistakes other organizations sometimes make in the process.

Free guide: Six automation strategies for Jira that’ll make you happy

If you like making work fast and easy, we’ve got a guide for you! It’s called Six automation strategies for Jira that’ll make you (and your team) happy. The guide has examples and use cases for specific types of teams — software development (for Jira Software), ITSM (for Jira Service Management), and business teams (for Jira Work Management) — but the strategies apply to all sorts of teams… Even teams that don’t use Jira can benefit from some of these ideas.

Illustration of collaboration using a wiki

How to organize your Wiki to reduce maintenance and increase content creation

In this article, Gorka Puente details how to set up and use a corporate wiki for collaboration. Learn to map out the initial structure and organize your wiki.

Whiteboards Story Map Header

User story mapping in Jira: a guide for remote software development teams

This article explains user story mapping and its benefits for remote software development teams. You’ll also find a step by step guide for creating a user story map in Jira.

Sprint burndown gadget

What’s the best Sprint Burndown gadget in Jira?

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” as the old saying goes. To keep your team humming along towards success, you need to measure progress toward sprint goals. To learn more, check out this blog on what’s the best Sprint Burndown gadget in Jira.

Success Story - Workflow Automation: Increase company-wide visibility

How Cprime turned hours of work into minutes and increased visibility with Power Scripts

Cprime licensing team automates processes and integrates Jira with Salesforce, improving cross-functional visibility using the Power Suite.

Dashboard Hub Native Gadgets

How to use advanced gadgets in native dashboards with Dashboard Hub for Jira

Exciting news, our full list of more than 70 original and powerful gadgets and 10 product integrations can now be added to native Jira dashboards!

How success solutions saves 150+ hours

How Success Solutions saves 150+ hours with customer Jira reports & dashboards on JSM

A blocker in Jira prevents the goals set in the sprint from being achieved. A bottleneck. A disruption. Blockers require someone to take action to get them out of the way and fulfill the sprint goals. Depending on the situation, teams usually make removing the sprint blockers a top priority so they’re resolved within the very same sprint. This article explains how to add Sprint Blockers to a Jira dashboard.

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