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The BEST Demo Show by Appfire

The BEST Demo Show by Appfire

The BEST Demo Show by Appfire brings in experts who can show you how to overcome common IT challenges using best in class Atlassian apps. Every episode features 15 minutes of valuable advice on how to do your work better and faster.

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User story mapping in Jira: a guide for remote software development teams

This article explains user story mapping and its benefits for remote software development teams. You’ll also find a step by step guide for creating a user story map in Jira.

The ultimate guide to Agile estimation, from planning poker to bucket sizing

Without an accurate estimate, it’s impossible for your agile team to know if your project is on schedule or if the proposed schedule is even realistic. In this guide, you’ll learn about four methods for estimating the amount of work involved in a particular task or story.

OKR for Jira

OKR for Jira

Set the right foundations for project success by prioritizing, organizing and tracking objectives and key results within Jira with the OKR for Jira app.

Incredible Bulk! Automate your angry monster with Power Scripts for Confluence

The incredible bulk! Automate your angry monster with Power Scripts for Confluence

Power Scripts™ for Confluence was made because you need a way to enhance your Confluence administration. Customers love Power Scripts™ for Confluence because it can apply certain actions to a number of pages in bulk, saving you from all the manual work.

OKR for Jira demo

OKR for Jira demo

In this webinar, you’ll get insights into why big names such as Google, Twitter and LinkedIn adopt OKRs for maximum efficiency. They see the value in a goal-tracking system designed to ensure everyone is working together and working towards the right direction.

Top 5 Planning Poker Tools

Top 5 online planning poker tools for your Agile team

Discover five planning poker tools that can help your agile team estimate work quickly and accurately.

Jira Service Management User Interface

How to set up omnilingual, omnichannel & automated Jira Service Management

In this on-demand webinar by re:solution, you will learn how to leverage several apps to simplify the job of Jira Service Management agents. Discover how they can talk to customers in real-time, no matter which language they speak.

Making the most of daily change management and large migrations using CMJ

In this on-demand webinar, Appfire’s Kelsey LaMastres demonstrates popular use cases for Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ): Migrations, Merges, and Daily Change Management in Jira. 

JQL Search Extensions demo

JQL Search Extensions for Jira demo

In this insightful demo, you’ll learn about all the fantastic capabilities of JQL Search Extensions for Jira and how to use them effectively to stay on top of your project management needs.

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