Plan, monitor, and manage work with Jira

BigGantt is a powerful Gantt chart application for Jira. It supports all management levels, making creating project schedules, portfolio timelines,  and product roadmaps a walk in the park.

The app helps managers structure, plan, track, and coordinate work in predictive methodologies – including dependency mapping and critical path design – as well as craft clear, informative high-level agile roadmaps.

Thanks to its slick, intuitive UI – based on inline editing and drag&drop – BigGantt is an easy and pleasant way to work with predictive methodologies in Jira.

Key advantages include:

Easy linear visualization of initiatives in time

Visualize linear initiatives your teams work on in Jira, map all the complex dependencies, craft critical paths, milestones, and more.

Easy predictive management in Jira

Monitor and coordinate the execution of all your predictive initiatives right in Jira to keep projects always on track.

Agile roadmapping right in the system used for task management

Design clear, informative agile roadmaps and effortlessly connect them with relevant work items in Jira.

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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