A powerful feature to make the most of your data in Appfire’s Dashboard Hub is the ability to use data and time fields.

Imagine you need to display the total time your teammates estimated for a given project. In Dashboard Hub, this is very easy to do.

Select the view type that best displays the information, like the Tile Chart (View Type), select the Original estimate (Field) and Sum (Aggregation) it:

Tile chart: Total sum of the original estimations per assignee

When you Chart By a date field, you probably want to group the results by a different granularity. If you want to see the number of issues by creation date, and your team is medium-size or big, it makes no sense to display that information by day. Instead you can group fields created by quarter, giving a real useful representation for your report.

Pie chart: Number of issues created per quarter

To learn more about Dashboard Hub, read this comprehensive app guide.

Last updated: 2022-11-22

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