We couldn’t be more excited about this. Our beloved Dashboard Hub is now available for Data Center instances (Jira and Confluence). We certainly leveled up after our incorporation into the Appfire family. Shout-out to all our handsome humans behind this project, especially to Javier, who has been working non-stop the last weeks, and to Shankar, who has helped Javier with all the performance testing and improvements.

Welcome, Data Center

Data Center stands out for being the ideal deployment option for enterprises. It is built to support the complex and unique requirements that especially enterprise organizations have.

What are these enterprises’ demands? Benefits of upgrading to Data Center

Data Center’s strengths are high performance and availability, scalability, flexible deployment options, consistent user management and robust security. It eliminates downtimes and delays by ensuring uninterrupted access to crucial applications. Events of unexpected hardware failure are disastrous when a large number of employees get inmobilized, so Data Center protects your organization with standard load-balancing, database clustering and shared files systems. Also, organization’s teams enjoy a greater speed, reliability and scalability avoiding any kind of productivity loss.


As every stressed IT team already know, Server will be shut down in 2024. This is causing (and going to cause) a phenomenon of migrations especially to Cloud, but also to Data Center. If our Server customers wanted to move to Data Center instead of Cloud, we couldn’t be the ones to tell them that it was impossible! Dashboard Hub for Jira and Confluence successfully did its part for making this task easier for organizations. Data Center, you’re welcome in here and get ready. You’re stepping in to play.

Dashboard Hub is enterprise ready an’ willing

Enterprise teams need to see, analyse and understand data to take the right decisions. But enterprise teams don’t have the time to learn technical stuff about configuring gadgets or complex dashboards. We know. That’s why Dashboard Hub is designed to be able to be configured in less than 1 minute. Thanks to its pre-defined dashboard templates and a collection of more than 60 preset metrics, teams can visualize and report on ITSM, DevOps, and Agile data. And for the more demanding teams, JQL Custom Charts gadget offers more custom graphs and metrics to reach more niche visualizations.

Centralizing your data through Dashboards in Jira and Confluence

Dashboard Hub‘s cores:

  1. Available integrations: Dashboard Hub provides integrations with all the products in the Atlassian suite, including Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Insight, Confluence, Bitbucket and Projectrak. As well as several additional planned integrations with third-party apps.We make sure none of your teams miss important metrics and key indicators.
  2. Hybrid dashboards (doc): Display data from server, data center and/or cloud instances in a single dashboard. Organizations with instances in different hosting platforms, we listened to you!
  3. Unlimited horizontal scale: Many companies rely on different Jira and/or Confluence instances for their projects or daily operations. Dashboard Hub allows teams to display information from many different instances in the very same dashboard!
  4. Secure external share (doc): In general there is no need for everyone to access everything. But hey, sometimes we need to share specific pieces of information, reports, summaries or important indicators. Create secure links to share your dashboards outside, without giving access to your instance.

We are continuously working on top features our enterprise customers are requesting. Coming soon:

  • Advanced access permissions at user and group level
  • Cache to improve performance in very large dashboards
  • Audit logging
  • Even more dashboard templates for different teams and roles

Don’t forget to try for free Dashboard Hub for Jira or Dashboard Hub for Confluence.

Last updated: 2022-11-22

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