How Helmut Fischer built a QMS with Confluence and Comala Document Management

Since 1953, Helmut Fischer GmbH, Institut für Elektronik und Messtechnik has been developing products for precision material testing and measurement. Whether their customers need a simple handheld testing device or a fully integrated production solution, quality, and the customer’s needs are always top of mind. To ensure a commitment to quality, Helmut Fischer complies with ISO 9001 standards and has turned to the collaborative power of Confluence, combined with the review and approval workflows of Comala Document Management, to manage their quality management system (QMS). 

Helmut Fischer has several Confluence spaces, including the Quality Management System space where Comala Document Management is installed. Taking advantage of the workflow functionality, the quality management team was able to develop three separate release workflows, each customized to fit a specific review process and automatically assigned reviews to approvers. The customizable functionality of these workflows has been helpful when changes require a modified review process. 

Rainer Hammermüller, Technical Writer for Helmut Fischer, describes how Comala Document Management’s ease of use, and the support team, make it easy to keep control of their documentation, “with this app, we can quickly respond to changing requirements and set up new or modified release workflows, helped by the excellent support of Appfire. For the end users, the operation of the workflows is very simple and intuitive.”

To build out further functionality for their QMS, the team plans to implement Comala Document Management’s Read Confirmation and State Expiry features. The Read Confirmation feature helps to ensure transparency with the ability to assign team members to read pages once they are approved and published, a great way to communicate key updates. The State Expiry feature takes document control one step further by forcing pages to expire in a previous state. This feature is helpful to ensure page information is current by requiring reviews on a regular basis. Both features are excellent additions to help Helmut Fisher stay ISO 9001 compliant and to keep their quality product promise to their customers. 

Looking for an ISO-compliant QMS solution? Our team is happy to show you how Confluence and Comala Document Management can make it happen.

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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