Issue History Collector™ for Jira

Issue History Collector™  for Jira Server, Data Center, and Cloud is a development and bug tracking tool which helps Project Managers and Stakeholders monitor issues easily and track how much time team members are spending on a request in each of its statuses. You can use our Issue History Collector to monitor the time that Development spent on building out a new feature, QA – on testing, bug tracking, and Support – on closing out a client request so you can improve productivity.

Common use cases

  • Track how long a ticket stayed in the specified statuses
  • Get a visual indicator for cases when the SLA threshold was breached
  • Monitor who and how long was working on the ticket
  • Use reports to further analyze time-related stats for the assignees and statuses
  • Comprehensive view by assignees to monitor who and how long was working on the ticket
  • Monitor ticket age in real-time
  • Configurable reports to analyze your ticket data

Hosting options:

  • Cloud
  • Server
  • Data Center

Last updated: 2023-03-29

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