JQL Search Extensions for Jira

Discover a powerful new way to search Jira, generate reports, and automate workflows.

Unleash the full power of JQL

With 50+ JQL search extensions, our professional indexing service gives you the power to quickly search and filter issues, generate reports and dashboards, and create new automations.

Demo 1


More search and filtering capabilities

  • 50 JQL search extensions to utilize
  • Find attachment content like PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel files

Demo 2


Easily create dashboards and reports

  • Use JQL keywords in collaboration with all other add-ons
  • These include filters, gadgets, boards and more

Enterprise security and performance

  • A powerful JQL add-on with fast performance
  • Trusted and secured for enterprises

Users find success faster with JQL Search Extensions for Jira

“Great add-on. It’s very simple. The new additions to JQL are available everywhere. We use it everyday to define queues. Very good support as well. They respond almost instantly. They didn’t try to see their add-on, but suggested to us how to solve the problem with what was already on Jira.”
– Neha Choudhary

“Very good plug-in, functions as advertised.
– Simon Ammerman

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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