Panorama for Jira

Panorama for Jira

Easily organize your Jira issues into structured hierarchies to plan and manage projects across teams.

Succeed with better organization

It’s important to have a system in place to monitor task progress in Jira. Panorama gives you the power to create multilevel, structured project plans to easily track team progress and tasks.

Users everywhere are seeing success with Panorama for Jira

“Finally something which lets me create hierarchical issues. Such things should be core features of Jira. This is a really great add-on!”
– Trent DeVour

“I love this plug-in! I have recommended it to some of my clients and I have it in my own instance. It is great for getting a big picture of a lot of issues in hierarchical view and the ability to do a ” group by” on various fields on the structure gives really quick visual view of project status that are very helpful. Support is awesome as well. Would definitely recommend!”

– Nancy S Bennett

“Everything about Panorama is great. It comes with lots of features for planning, exploring, and project overview. Support is awesome, I needed help twice and they responded immediately.”

– Greg Khot

“Great! Powerful project management tool. Awesome support.”

– Tom Quah

“Panorama is a very impressive piece of software. It allows my teams to gather all issues from multiple projects in one place. Appfire support is fantastic, they’re adding new features a few days after asked. 10/10!”

– Jay Lohan

“Very good addition to our Jira. We’re using the add-on to organize issues in a way Jira doesn’t allow, in the sense that the issue can be in one epic only and Jira has flat hierarchy. In our organization we keep issues in many directories and we were always looking for a way to have a richer hierarchy. The recently added feature allows us a see a hierarchy without doing anything. Works out of the box. Great.”

– Greg Kuklinski

“This is an excellent add-on. We found this a few days ago and my team already uses this as a replacement to issue navigator. Great support. They are responsive and they added a feature that Atlassian couldn’t do for years. Took them just a few days! Thank you.”

– Cindy Liu

Last updated: 2023-06-02

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