With a customizable toolbar to your issue screens, you can script whole custom screens in power apps Jira with Simple Issue Language® (SIL®). Jira custom screens allow you to add and remove actions, modify their order, specify whether a button should be available, hidden, or disabled; use SIL™ scripts to build forms for users to input data, etc.

We can handle Jira power database, power apps Jira, power database fields Jira, and power script documentation. Our custom toolbars will make your life so much easier. You can count on us!

Common use cases:

  • Add power actions to a ticket and simplify workflows
  • Gather user input before performing a transition
  • Add wizards – design an entire flow inside a single button
  • Define and edit button conditions: you can enable/disable/hide buttons
  • Add HTML, WIKI content, multi-select / select fields, date, file, and user pickers
  • Define actual actions performed when the user clicks the button

Hosting options:

  • Server
  • Data Center

Last updated: 2023-03-29

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