Configure and optimize Jira in a faster and better way

Power Admin for Jira helps you configure your Jira instance faster with an improved UI and transparent visibility into configuration dependencies and usage of elements. The Power Admin for Jira app, in a nutshell:

  • Enables you to work with faster, better Jira UI and easily perform daily tasks
  • Provides full visibility into dependencies of each configuration element in a complex Jira environment
  • Shows details on usage and change impact for each configuration element
  • Allows you to perform quick actions on elements, eliminating the need to click through multiple UI pages
  • Identifies the root cause of integrity check errors and helps you resolve them
  • Optimizes overall performance and clean-up

Power Admin ensures that Jira administrators work with faster, better UI. It enables you to perform effortlessly day-to-day tasks, which are otherwise not possible or require advanced scripting or SQL.

Here is what you can do with Power Admin for Jira.

Merge custom fields easily and automatically

Power Admin for Jira helps you identify custom fields that can be removed, archived, or merged when they are either not used by any project, not used recently, or duplicated.

One of the most complex administration tasks in Jira – field merges – can be accomplished quickly and automatically, with complete confidence in the result.

Power Admin’s milestone feature allows Jira admins to merge source and destination custom fields of the same type in Jira. As a result, all values in issues and contexts will be moved to the destination custom field while the source custom field won’t be deleted.

Learn all about Custom Field Merge and what it can do for your Jira.

Find and configure objects

Search, locate and execute actions (edit | configure | copy | rename | delete) on Jira configuration elements while understanding their usage, dependencies, and impact.

On top of that, Power Admin’s searching capabilities include Project Filters and Custom Field Filters, which give you even greater insight and enable you to perform advanced analysis of your Jira instances.

With a powerful search capability, Power Admin UI is 3x faster than regular Jira UI.

Perform usage and dependency analysis

Understand relationships between dependent configuration elements, projects, and issues. Assess the impact on the configuration before applying any changes.

With Power Admin, you can make changes corruption-free: any renamed or deleted change done via Power Admin is not going to break Filters, Dashboards, or Workflows.

Clean-up and performance tuning

Quickly identify rarely-used configuration objects and delete them. Clean up similar or duplicate configuration elements. Plus, and ability to reuse existing components instead of creating new ones will make your admin job easier.

Perform integrity check error handling

Identify and analyze the root cause of your integrity check errors and resolve them. Power Admin for Jira lets you understand precisely how and where configuration elements are used in other elements in Jira with Power Admin’s Locations feature. Admins can assess the impact at the time the changes are made.

Last updated: 2022-11-22

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