Create custom reporting dashboards and gadgets in Jira

The Power Dashboards, Reports, and Gadgets app lets you create custom reports on your Jira dashboard by using the full power of the SIL® language. You can perform complex calculations, reporting visualizations, and pre-built reports. You can also create reports using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Harness the power of SIL and create Jira analytics

With SIL, any data you want can be collected and aggregated into one stunning report. Data from within your Jira instance, an external Jira instance, an external database, a 3rd party system – basically everywhere. Then, SIL can perform complex calculations to create dazzling reports and visualizations on your Jira dashboard directly.

Build reports from templates

Use the built-in charting library to add visualizations to your report. Choose from many chart types such as line charts, bar charts, pie charts, doughnut pie charts, any HTML or Javascript report.

Keep your Jira healthy with Health Reports

Crafted through years of Agile & Atlassian expertise, these custom health reports for Jira easily identify and help fix Jira instance issues or team roadblocks.

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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