Workflow and automation tools to simplify work in Jira

Power Utilities for Jira lets you automate your daily operations with a curated collection of various Jira conditions, post-functions, validators, and JQL functions.

Jira workflow post-functions

Automate routine tasks and customize Jira workflow with additional post-functions that enable you to perform such tasks as copying a value from a custom field, cloning, assigning tickets based on a certain condition, and more. 

Power Utilities for Jira includes an advanced list of Jira workflow and automation post-functions that are ready to use:

  • Issue clone post-function 
  • Assign to Workflow Step Actor post-function 
  • Assign Post Function Screen/ Assign From Field 
  • Estimate Post Function/ Set Original Estimation 

Condition and validators 

These extensions help check various conditions and input criteria. With Power Utilities for Jira, you can use regex, JQL, links, comments validators, and more.

Here are some of the conditions and validators that are included: 

  • Regex Validator 
  • Unique Validator 
  • JQL Validator 
  • Singular Status Validator 
  • Links Validator 
  • Comment Validator 
  • Limit By Status Condition 
  • Has Attachments Condition 
  • Has Links Condition 

JQL functions

You can customize searches with additional JQL functions that allow you to find tickets that have links, comments, subtasks, and parents; commented by a specific user at certain times, transitioned with certain conditions, and so on.

Optimize your search with JQL Functions: 

  • My commented tickets 
  • Ticket subtasks 
  • Ticket parent 
  • Transitions by date, user, group 
  • And many others 

Last updated: 2023-02-01

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