Surveys for Jira enables support teams to send, aggregate, and analyze survey data based on the feedback from customer satisfaction surveys for Jira. It is the most flexible and customizable customer satisfaction survey app in the marketplace to track customer satisfaction and feedback.

Common use cases:

  • Define conditions when a customer satisfaction survey should be sent to your users
  • Brand your surveys to reflect your company style
  • Go custom – you can add unlimited questions to your survey, define question types, and make your surveys completely custom
  • Configurability – you can shape your surveys based on each particular project to work with simple or custom surveys, yes/no or more advanced settings, etc.
  • Permission handling – you can configure how much of user feedback and aggregated results and reports should be visible to the internal team

Hosting options:

  • Cloud
  • Server
  • Data Center

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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