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User story mapping in Jira: a guide for remote software development teams

This article explains user story mapping and its benefits for remote software development teams. You’ll also find a step by step guide for creating a user story map in Jira.

The ultimate guide to Agile estimation, from planning poker to bucket sizing

Without an accurate estimate, it’s impossible for your agile team to know if your project is on schedule or if the proposed schedule is even realistic. In this guide, you’ll learn about four methods for estimating the amount of work involved in a particular task or story.

Seven tips for Software Developers on how to work better remotely

Maintaining business continuity is vital, but working from home is not that easy for many of us. Here are a few tips for a thriving remote work environment to help you get the job done.

User story mapping on Whiteboards

Learn about User Story Mapping, a concept for visualizing all the tasks the user does when using a product but is also a way to arrange user stories to represent the customer’s journey while using the product.

Migrating from Azure DevOps to Jira: CSV import vs real-time sync with TFS4JIRA

Learn why importing data from a CSV file is not an ideal process and how TFS4JIRA app helps you ensure that you don’t lose the essential data – such as the history of comments, hierarchical linking, and attachments – from your projects during the migration.

Free download: Agile estimations checklist for scrum teams

This article provides a checklist for effective estimations that will support Scrum Masters and Product Owners who estimate together with their Development Teams.

How to estimate issues asynchronously in remote teams in Jira

This article focuses on the Standard Asynchronous Session as it is designed for teams that can’t or don’t want to estimate simultaneously. Still, also it is widely used by teams who want all members to check out the estimation scope and put questions before the joint team estimation.

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