Accelerate instance cleanup

How a Sys Engineer helped a global leader in home security and automation reduce time spent on instance cleanup by 50%

“Jira and Confluence CLI are power tools keeping you from doing routine tasks or ad hoc projects involving manual repetition. I wouldn’t be able to do certain tasks if those tools didn’t exist.” Darryl Lee, Sr. Atlassian Systems Engineer The challenge We’ve all seen it: as projects evolve and teams grow, Jira instances accumulate more […]

Tame the data chaos

Jira is widely used to optimize key initiatives and processes across a business. But administrators face challenges in managing years of data and manual processes that can lead to unnecessary system downtime and long hours of work. Join Kelsey LaMastres & Amelie Winkler as they provide practical tips and tools to maintain Jira’s health and […]

Escape the admin black hole

Escape the admin black hole

Ready to streamline and optimize your Atlassian stack? Appfire experts Tyler Woolstenhulme, Evn Tomeny, and Inmarsat’s Dan Tombs will show you how. You’ll see how Inmarsat, a leading satellite communications company, launched its Jira instance into space. If they can do that, imagine what you could do. You’ll get an inside look at Inmarsat’s complex […]

Success Story - Workflow Automation: Increase company-wide visibility

How Cprime turned hours of work into minutes and increased visibility with Power Scripts

Cprime licensing team automates processes and integrates Jira with Salesforce, improving cross-functional visibility using the Power Suite.

Automation strategies to scale growth in Jira

Automation strategies to scale growth in Jira

In this webinar, we will discuss how best-of-breed organizations increase their productivity and streamline Jira processes with automation. Learn how to reclaim your team’s time so they can do what they do best and make Jira work for, and not against your organization.

How to add users to your Jira account using ACLI

How to add users in bulk to your Jira account using Atlassian CLI

Adding new users to your Jira account one at a time is time consuming and tedious. Get there faster using ACLI to do the heavy lifting. 

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