Bulk cloning issues with Clone Plus for Jira

Bulk Clone is useful when you’re looking to quickly clone a project, part of a project, or parts of different projects, potentially saving you hours of work.

Jira admin’s guide to cloning issues with Clone Plus for Jira

Learn how to clone, bulk-clone, and automatically update Jira issues. Read about a few basic and advanced cloning options for copying Jira issues, and how to use Clone Plus.

How a Jira admin saves time by automating repetitive tasks with CLI

Being a busy admin within a large organization, Peter Macdonald at a large government agency knew he needed to automate repetitive tasks to save time. Read how he automated the user authorization process and merged two Jira instances into a third one.

Easily track expenses, automate business processes with JSU

Rachel Wright shows you how to add calculation abilities and extend Jira workflow functions to simplify the expense reporting process. Now the leadership team can see how much money is spent on client travel. Learn how to create a custom issue type, workflow, and custom fields to collect and calculate trip details, mileage, and costs.

Update cloned issues with data from external sources

Here is how one of Appfire’s customers – a cybersecurity firm – uses Jira CLI and Clone Plus for Jira to bulk clone and update issues. For advanced users.

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