The hero’s guide to Atlassian management

This quick guide for the busy Atlassian manager gives you the insights and knowledge needed to become your company’s hero.

DevOps vs. agile: Differences and using them together

DevOps bridges the disconnect between the teams that develop code and the teams that deploy code. Learn what DevOps and agile really are, how they differ and how they can be used in tandem.

Jira workflows: Everything you need to know

This article can help you in understanding and using Jira workflows. It discusses the major components of workflows, how to create them, and how to craft workflows that fit your organization.

Atlassian migration checklist, by Contegix

The best way to ensure a safe and efficient application migration is to develop a solid process. You can’t do that without experience. Since Contegix has over 16 years of experience with Atlassian environments, they are sharing their process here, in a way that is easy to follow.

Cloud-ready checklist

Moving an application or site to the cloud can be complex. Before you get started, use this simple checklist to stay organized and ensure you are ready to move to the cloud.

Disaster recovery (DR) 101

This Disaster Recovery ebook will help you learn about DR from the ground up. It will assist you in making informed decisions when implementing your DR strategy, enabling you to build a resilient IT infrastructure.

Flowchart: Should I move this to the cloud

Not all applications or sites can – or should – move to the cloud. This is due to things like compliance rules, regulations or technical limitations. This flowchart can help you figure it out.

Ultimate guide to creating your cloud strategy

Smart businesses don’t spend a penny before clearly understanding how cloud fits in their business. This guide will help you in deciding what you need to accomplish with cloud computing.

How ITSM can improve your processes

IT Service Management (ITSM) can help streamline business relationships both internally and externally. In this on-demand webinar, learn the ins and outs of ITSM and how the right tools can connect all the points in your process.

Top 5 tips for a successful Atlassian cloud migration

Migrating to the Cloud doesn’t need to be a difficult process. During this on-demand webinar, you will learn a few key factors that should be considered when migrating.

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