5 Phases of Enterprise Agility cover

The five phases of enterprise agility

In this white paper by Cprime, you will learn strategies to avoid roadblocks and make your journey to enterprise agility more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll dive into enterprise product management software Jira and Jira Align and how it can assist your Agility Journey.

Five keys to strategic alignment and enterprise agility using OKRs

In this white paper by Cprime, learn more about OKRs and how they help businesses seeking practical tools for goal setting and strategic alignment.

The definitive guide to Atlassian tool governance

In this white paper by Cprime, learn why governance is vital for your Atlassian tech stack, and wow to get set up for success.

Advanced Kanban practice guide

This guide by Cprime will help you enhance your organization’s ability to design and evolve a Kanban approach to empower teams to achieve their business objectives.

Ten steps to becoming a DevOps Engineer

In this white paper by Cprime, learn what it takes to break into one of the most highly sought-after IT professions, DevOps Engineering. It includes both technical and non-technical skills needed to pursue one of the most highly sought-after IT professions.

Agile retrospective quick start guide

This guide by Cprime offers insights into why the Retrospective is one of the most important tools within an Agile team’s toolbox, as well as recommendations on how to execute retrospective in a way that will instill a continuous improvement mindset.

Scrumban practitioner’s guide

This white paper by Cprime provides a brief overview of the Scrumban approach, which amalgamates the power of both Scrum and Kanban in an effort to highlight key benefits and techniques that will empower an experienced Scrum team to elevate their performance.

A guide to thriving as a product manager

Product Management is a tough job. In this white paper from Cprime learn useful tips and strategies that will help you grow into a strong Product Manager and thrive in the position.

PMO practitioner’s guide

This project management guide by Cprime contains valuable lessons to help you expedite your learning, maximize the value delivered to customers, and reap the benefits of your successful project outcomes.

Selling agile transformation to upper management

This report dives into challenges that most Agile change agents face, and strategies for overcoming those challenges and successfully selling your case to upper management.

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