Taking the grind and complexity out of Jira workflows

From intuitive point-and-click workflow solutions, to more customized scripted automation, this demo session shows you how to select what works best for your team, to finally banish the tedium and repetition of manual workflows.

A look inside the Confluence Cloud Editor

A look inside the Confluence Cloud Editor

This video shows how to build a project plan page in Confluence using the Confluence Cloud Editor.

Create on Transition

The guide to using Create on Transition for automating your Jira workflows

One of Jira’s most significant benefits is its powerful workflow capabilities. This guide explains how Appfire’s Create on Transition works without you having to code — all you need are this app’s handy post functions.

The Jira project tracking and reporting dynamic duo: Dashboard Hub + Projectrak

Teams rely on Jira and Jira Service Management to manage work across their organizations. With Dashboard Hub and Projectrak integration, you can pull project-level data into gadgets and dashboards in Dashboard Hub to share critical business insights across your organization.

How to automate issue creation: Create on Transition demo

In this video, you’ll learn how to customize your workflows with post functions using Create on Transition, build workflows that automatically creates an issue when another issue transitions and that automatically creates sub-tasks when a specific type of issue is created.

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