Making the most of daily change management and large migrations using CMJ

In this on-demand webinar, Appfire’s Kelsey LaMastres demonstrates popular use cases for Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ): Migrations, Merges, and Daily Change Management in Jira. 

How to perform change management tasks in Jira using CMJ

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) is designed to solve a wealth of challenges Jira administrators face. Learn how to use CMJ for performing Change Management tasks within Jira, such as safely making updates to workflows, screens, and other project settings.

Product Overview: CMJ

How to perform migration from Jira Server to Cloud using CMJ

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) Cloud, together with Appfire’ free Cloud Migration Tool, provides teams with a smooth migration of data and settings from Jira Server to Jira Cloud.

How Poly successfully merged two Jira servers with zero data loss

Learn how Configuration Manager for Jira helped a growing company migrate 200,000 Jira tickets and 2,200 users with full transparency and zero data loss.

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