Everything to know about Jira bulk edits

Everything to know about Jira bulk edits

How do you keep thousands of Jira issues updated and in sync with reality? Does your team struggle to ensure all fields contain accurate data? Are there too many issues in the backlog to sort through? The key to effectively managing Jira issues at scale is to use bulk edit capabilities.

Jira migration checklist

Created by Jira rockstar Rachel Wright, this checklist is an excerpt from our newest workbook “The essential workbook for planning Jira migrations”, where her expert advice will help guide your migrations using industry best practices and insider knowledge.

Jira Migration Best Practices

Ask the experts! Appfire Q&A on Jira migration best practices

Jira migration can be a challenge for any organization. Questions are bound to come up as migration planning and preparation make way. We’ve brought in top industry expert Rachel Wright for a Q&A on getting started and best practices for Jira migrations.

The ultimate guide to Jira migrations

Industry’s highly seasoned migration experts created this comprehensive resource on Atlassian migrations. This 200-page ebook walks you through the process step-by-step with tips and worksheets for any migration scenario.

A quick look at JMWE’s scripting editor

JMWE comes with dozens of point-and-click configurable rules to enhance workflow capabilities. But what if you want to do more? Learn from Rachel Wright how to use scripting to create custom rules with little to no coding experience.

Jira Strategy Admin Workbook

The Jira Strategy Admin Workbook will save you time, money, and frustration. This book offers recommendations from years of cleaning up horrible Jira configurations written by industry expert Rachel Wright.

How automation makes us unstoppable

Learn from Rachel Wright as she shows real-life use cases and 25 ways automation can make your life easier in this on-demand.

Verify approval in a Jira workflow

It’s smart to make Jira workflows as simple and flexible as possible. But sometimes, skipping a status is undesirable or creates a compliance problem. You’d fail an audit if work was started on an issue or an issue was completed before it was approved. See how to prevent it.

How to automatically transition Jira Issues

When issue status does not reflect reality, reporting is a nightmare. All completed or unneeded issues should be transitioned to their final status. Why not take this step off your user’s “to do” list and automate it?

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