Automate on-the-fly calculations, such as work cost estimates, in less than an hour

In your Jira projects, you might need to perform calculations based on data readily available in your Jira custom fields, yet, Jira doesn’t give you the ability to perform calculations. See how a calculation can be automated using JMCF – with step-by-step instructions.

Jira Core 8 Basics: A Beginner Guide for Novice Jira Administrators

The Jira Core 8 Basics: A Beginner Guide for Novice Jira Administrators by Rynder Roy Klomp is a practical guide that takes a step-by-step approach to learning Jira. With it, you will quickly gain expertise in building your own customized Jira Core application through explanation and exercises.

Jira JQL Basics and Reference Guide: Everything you wanted to know about Jira Query Language but were afraid to ask

Jira Query Language (JQL) is used to search for Jira Issues containing specific information. This Jira JQL Basics and Reference Guide covers every element of a JQL search and will quickly get you writing complex JQL Issue searches (called queries). With over 1,000 comprehensive JQL query examples this 360-page book also contains numerous exercises to […]

Jira Core Workflows

The Jira Core Workflows book by Rynder Roy Klomp takes a step-by-step learning approach to Jira Workflows. Starting with the basics of building a workflow, you will then advance to automating and customizing your workflow.

Jira More: Apps to make your Jira Core, Service Desk, and Workflows more productive

The Jira More book introduces Jira‘ business-focused’ apps that will help your business teams increase productivity, improve quality, or reduce time. Each app has its chapter, where ‘Jira More’ first defines a business need, explains how the app addresses that requirement, and describes additional benefits of the app.

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