Best practices and tips & tricks for new Jira administrators

Learn about all the best practices and tips & tricks you need to know as a new Jira administrator to make your day-to-day easier on The Hub by Appfire.

What is a Jira admin and how to become one

Learn about what a Jira administrator is, the importance of the role, the necessary qualifications and how to become a Jira admin on The Hub by Appfire.

Dashboard Hub - Jira Groups and Jira roles

The difference between Jira groups and Jira roles (and how to manage them)

Learn about the differences between Jira groups and Jira roles, and how best to manage them through a Jira permission scheme on The Hub by Appfire.

BEST WM Show S2 E3 Amelie Winkler Automation

What is workflow automation anyway?

“What is workflow automation anyway?” Find out in this episode of Appfire Presents: The BEST Work Management Show by Appfire. Amelie Winkler joins Appfire’s Kerry O’Shea Gorgone to explain workflow automation: what it is, how you do it, and how it can help you supercharge your team’s productivity.

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