Share information with your team with customizable Confluence dashboards

Confluence global dashboards work well as a starting point for recently viewed spaces and pages, and there are some customization options for admins. But what if you want to customize the content for different teams or edit the dashboard without the hassle of scripting and admin-only permissions?

That’s where Custom Dashboards for Confluence comes in. This app replaces the default global dashboard and all the scripting and admin permission concerns and allows teams to build custom dashboards on a simple wiki page with total control of the layout, format, and information displayed.

You can also create specific dashboards for specific teams and even allow users to create their personalized dashboards.

While there are many ways to customize the dashboards based on your team’s needs, here are a few key elements you could consider including:

  • Jira issues
  • Jira burndown charts
  • Bitbucket alerts
  • Recent blog posts
  • Team announcements and company news
  • Team calendars
  • The daily Dilbert strip (yes, this macro is included in this app)
  • Other Atlassian or Appfire macros

For teams using Confluence as their central hub for collaboration and information sharing, Custom Dashboards for Confluence provides a simple solution to create custom, dynamic dashboards that can be shared with specific teams or users.

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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