For a tool that prioritizes team collaboration, it can be a little complex to share your Jira dashboards to your stakeholders and customers that are outside of the project. Dashboards contain information regarding the current roadmap and status of a project or product, thus it is a common use case for project managers to want to keep their paying customers and the community in the loop by sharing their team’s project dashboards.

Although there is an option to share your Jira dashboards publicly, you have to go through a series of steps to be able to do so such as enabling the option to share dashboards publicly in the System Settings, and then you have to make sure that the filters used by the gadgets in the dashboards are also shared to whomever you want to share the dashboard to. Even then, your target audience might encounter errors when attempting to access the shared dashboard, which is why the Jira community forums consistently receive queries on the topic of sharing dashboards. Quite complex and not even effective 😤

Jira dashboard sharing options with public share enabled

How to share Jira data externally in 5 seconds? External Share

Fortunately, Dashboard Hub for Jira manages to overcome this issue by giving you the ability to create unique external links for your dashboard, thereby enabling you to share your dashboards externally and securely to anyone. This feature, called Public Link or External Share, is one out of the multiple solutions that Dashboard Hub addresses when it comes to dealing with the limitations of a standard Jira dashboard. Some of these solutions that come with Dashboard Hub include custom charts, pre-defined templates, integrations for the Atlassian suite, and much more.

To share your dashboard externally using Dashboard Hub, navigate to the target dashboard that you would like to share and click on the share icon found in the top right corner of the dashboard. Select the “public link” option (see image below) which generates a unique and secure link for you to use.

Share dashboard externally using the External Share feature

External Share is particularly useful in cases related to customer satisfaction wherein certain companies provide premium support to its customers that require certains SLAs (service-level agreement) to be met. The company creates the scheduled reports periodically, either weekly or monthly. These reports, usually created using the reporting tool provided by JSM (Jira Service Management), contain charts and metrics regarding the product such as SLAs breached versus met, SLA success rate, number of requests created and resolved, time to resolution, and more. Once generated, the reports are sent out to their premium customers through email. While this is a valid approach, it’s not an effective one.

A better and easier alternative to share Jira data with your customers

A better and easier alternative is to use Dashboard Hub to create custom dashboards for each of the company’s customers, and share them through external links so that the customers have live reports of the metrics. Dashboard Hub comes with more than 60 gadgets out of the box that you can use to report your metrics.

A Dashboard Hub sample ITSM dashboard

Another scenario where you would want to share your dashboard outside of Jira would perhaps be through embedding it into an external site such as the company website or a knowledge base. Even in Confluence using the iFrame macro. By default, Jira dashboards are designed to not be embedded externally so as to not expose itself to potential security risks. Dashboard Hub solves this downside by allowing you to use the external links to share your dashboards to sites such as Google Site.

Dashboard embedded in a Google Site using External Share


Sharing a standard Jira dashboard externally and quickly has been a recurring problem that Jira still hasn’t resolved. After all, a well-made dashboard provides essential information that can be quickly digested by its target audience. Luckily, Dashboard Hub for Jira allows you to externally share your dashboard easily and securely with just a few clicks (two clicks!) of the button. Dashboard Hub also offers other features such as pre-defined templates, custom charts, and powerful integration with other Atlassian apps like Confluence and Bitbucket.

Not currently a Dashboard Hub user? Click here to try Dashboard Hub for Jira for free (and for Confluence) and benefit immediately from this powerful app.

Last updated: 2022-11-22

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