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In Dashboard Hub, you create and work on dashboards in a separate area in the “Apps” section, not in the “Dashboards” section (where native Jira dashboards are located). This gives us complete control of what our dashboards can do and removes any kind of visualization and customization limitations. That’s why our dashboards are so robust in Dashboard Hub.

But… What if you’ve always been using native Jira dashboards, have existing dashboards there, and take the step of enhancing them with Dashboard Hub? Do you have to forget everything you know, say goodbye to your usual dashboards, and adhere to our unique UI?

No. Now you can keep your current dashboards and level them up by adding our +70 premium gadgets if that’s what suits your needs. You always have the choice of using our dashboards, too, located in our own area in the “Apps” section.

Upgrade native Jira dashboards with more than 70 premium gadgets and 10 product integrations

This feature has a motto: “More metrics. Endless possibilities. No inconveniences.” The benefits to Dashboard Hub users are significant:

  • More than 70 specific and robust gadgets are now available, covering every requirement you couldn’t satisfy with native Jira dashboards.
  • Level up your native dashboards with 10 different integrations to create your central hub for: Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Assets (Insight), Confluence, Bitbucket, Atlassian Marketplace, and Projectrak. Coming soon: BigPicture and GitHub.
  • Continue working with your existing native dashboards if that’s what suits you best, and overcome the limitations you were experiencing by combining native gadgets with our premium gadgets.
  • Connect your Data Center instance and pull that data in Cloud dashboards, easing your migration journey.
For advanced permissions, improved dashboard sharing (External, Customer Portal), and pre-defined dashboard templates, you'll need to use dashboards in the traditional Dashboard Hub area in the "Apps" section.
List of Dashboard Hub gadgets in a native Jira dashboard

How to start using Dashboard Hub’s powerful gadgets

Start adding gadgets to your Jira dashboards. (It’s incredibly convenient!)

The entire collection of more than 70 powerful Dashboard Hub gadgets can be found in the regular “Add gadget” section. Simply select the gadget you need and add it. Just like if you were adding a native one.

Get the most out of your gadgets by building your dashboards in our Dashboard Hub area in the "Apps" section. You’ll experience improved dashboard customization possibilities that only our interface provides.
Adding a Sprint Goals gadget to a Jira native dashboard

You’ll start loving your dashboards

Dashboard Hub empowers you to build the custom dashboards you need.

Try Dashboard Hub for Jira for free and take your organization’s reporting and business intelligence to the next level.

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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