Many teams rely on Jira and Jira Service Management to manage and track their support projects. SLA tracking and reporting play a key role in a support team’s success in providing an efficient service to their customers.

Imagine being able to create powerful ITSM dashboards in Jira that display SLAs so you can easily share reports with your team in seconds. This doesn’t have to be a dream because it’s now a reality.

Meet the Dashboard Hub + Time to SLA integration

Dashboard Hub is a powerful reporting app that simplifies dashboard creation and sharing within Jira. It offers a range of predefined dashboard templates, close to 100 advanced metrics, and enables powerful custom chart creation using JQL and math calculations.

The success stories of Unifly and Success Solutions demonstrate how Dashboard Hub really enhances support teams' productivity.

To take your IT Service Management reporting to the next level, Time to SLA, the best-selling SLA tracking app in the Atlassian Marketplace, has been integrated with Dashboard Hub. Time to SLA enables you to create, track, and report on SLAs with greater efficiency, helping you meet your service obligations while improving collaboration, service quality, and customer satisfaction.

The Dashboard Hub + Time to SLA integration will undoubtedly revolutionize how you manage and report on SLAs within Jira. By pulling the powerful SLA tracking from Time to SLA into highly sharable and customizable dashboards in Dashboard Hub, you can seamlessly report on critical business insights with ease.

Time to SLA data will be represented into Dashboard Hub through the following gadgets: “Met vs Breached SLA” and “SLA Breach Watch”. Two powerful ITSM reporting metrics that have been designed by our team to easily visualize SLAs in Jira dashboards:

“Met vs Breached SLA” and “SLA Breach Watch” gadgets in a Dashboard Hub dashboard

See it in action

Take a look at this live ITSM Jira dashboard (shared using Dashboard Hub’s External Share feature) to see an example of how you can show SLAs in Jira dashboards to enhance your organization’s SLA tracking and reporting. Use that dashboard to see and explore the Meet vs Breached SLA and SLA Breach Watch gadgets, along with many different JSM metrics from the ITSM pre-built dashboard template – it can serve as inspiration for your own dashboards.

Try this solution for free

The Dashboard Hub + Time to SLA integration bring the greatest SLA tracking metrics to highly sharable and customizable dashboards, providing a single source of truth for your organization that transforms how you manage and report on SLAs within Jira.

Try tracking and reporting on your SLAs with the Time to SLA and Dashboard Hub free 30-day trial!

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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