Issue Matrix for Jira

Give your Jira’s issue screen a facelift

Implemented as a Custom field, Issue Matrix is easy to configure and improves how Sub-tasks, Linked Issues, and Issues in Epics are visualized/ listed in the Jira View Screens. It helps both technical and business teams.

Features include:

  • Better visualizes your subtasks and linked issues by adding additional fields filtered by your needs.
  • Offers a set of customizable options for each mode, including Columns, Inline Editing, Filter JQL, Categories, Locations and more.
  • Works easily in Jira’s Agile environment.
  • Gives full visibility into User Stories and other issues linked to Epics by adding information about Story Points, teams, x versions, and more, without the need to open them individually.
  • Provides in-line edit mode, as well as effortless creation of related issues.
  • Enables JSM agents to quickly access all tickets created by the same reporter or organization as well as understand SLA.

The Issue Matrix app gives Jira’s main screen a facelift. In this guide, you can explore features in more details.

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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