Jira Misc Custom Fields

The ultimate assortment of calculated custom fields

Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) lets you create new calculated custom fields to display information based on computed values. With JMCF, you can quickly:

  • Create more useful screens
  • Enable better search and filters
  • Build more powerful reports and dashboards

Jira Misc Custom Fields includes a collection of 20+ custom field types. JMCF-powered custom fields are searchable and support statistics.

You can create calculations – from simple math operations to sophisticated Groovy scripts – based on other fields and insights available in Jira.

You can also display Jira’s ‘hidden’ information – such as dates and authors of specific transitions or field changes – that is otherwise not easily accessible to users.

For example, you can do the following:

  • Display, and search by, the date and author of specific transitions;
  • Calculate values based on other fields within the same Issue;
  • Display aggregated values of related Issues;
  • Display the breakdown of all issues resolved by various teams and users in pie charts;
  • Report on auto-transitions (transitions that do not change the issue status);

Here is one of many use cases: JMCF’s Transition Caller custom field type is used to display the name of the person who resolved an issue

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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