Remove the frustration of reports in Jira with Power Dashboards, Reports, and Gadgets

How many of you are beyond frustrated with OOB reports in Jira? All of you? Great. I get it. I can’t tell you how many times I needed to write JQL queries, export them to Excel, and then create a pivot table or charts. But then be slapped with the realization, “Oh wait, I can only export a maximum of 1,000 entries at a given time.” Ugh. So I either do the export in batches or use REST API to paginate the results.

I’d be left there staring blankly at the screen, reflecting…

“Can I do all this manual work? Yes…but at what cost…

Do I want to do all this manual work? No, not really…”

I had to look into other options.

Like Power BI and Tableau. Can I create sleek charts that show everything that I need? Yes, but OH MY G – not for that price. *closes all tabs

Pivot. Surely the Atlassian Marketplace would have an option that would preserve my sanity. I downloaded 1, 2, 3, 4 plugins to see what they offered. I checked all the features, rechecked them, and rechecked the rechecks. The disappointment was sinking in… please don’t send me back to Excel…

So to help you avoid this pit of despair, I present:

Power Dashboards, Reports, & Gadgets

With this product, you can aggregate data and customize charts the way you want while centralizing all your reports in Jira. Just a few lines of SIL® code can design an array of visualizations that displays all the metrics you desire. See some popular examples below.

Time in status

Need to know the average time a ticket stays in a status? *keep in mind, this isn’t from the ticket’s perspective but from the status’s point of view. Want to present in a table or bar chart? Done.

You can do more than just bar charts as well. Here are just a few more examples of chart types that are possible:

Time series of revenue for a project

Pie chart of story point distribution across features

What about calculating a 3-week moving average of resolved story points? Yes, that’s possible. But what about – shhh, yes. Anything you can think of, Power Dashboards can do.

You have a powerful tool at your disposal:

It’s VERSATILE. Grab the data you want, calculate the way you want, and display the way you want. Shoot, if you want to create a function that calculates 1 + 1 = 3 and then display that in an HTML dashboard, you can. You’re the boss.

It’s POWERFUL. Since the add-on was created with flexibility and efficiency in mind, the performance hit is minimal. Report all the things!

It’s EXTENSIBLE. Because SIL® can access data from anywhere, you can use data sources from external databases (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.) or other tools (Tempo, Jira Service Desk, Salesforce, etc.) to report on operational, financial, and development metrics.

Last updated: 2023-02-01

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