Why you need strong Scrum gadgets 

Among all Agile methodologies, Scrum probably stands as the most popular framework. But every Scrum master and product owner would agree that tracking sprints (or even a single project) is sometimes challenging. Leading a sprint is no small feat. And on top of that, you need an effective way to visualize and report on sprint metrics.

So here’s our gift to you: a list of the best Scrum gadgets to include in your Jira dashboard for effective and powerful reporting.

Best Jira dashboard for Scrum

Here are the best Agile gadgets that any robust Scrum dashboard should have to go the extra mile. They’re all available in Dashboard Hub for Jira, an add-on available in the Atlassian Marketplace. Note that once subscribed, you can also add these gadgets to your native Jira dashboards.

The best Scrum gadgets for Jira dashboards

Sprint Goals

Let’s be honest: we all get better results when we keep our eyes on the prize.

Visualizing sprint goals in your dashboard is key to keeping current objectives in mind, especially when you have more than one Scrum team, each with its own goals.

The Sprint Goals gadget allows you to check the goals of the active and upcoming sprints in a single view, saving time and helping your team to stay focused.

Sprint Goals gadget

Sprint Blockers

If something’s stopping you from achieving your goal, spot it immediately and work out a solution.

A blocker in Jira is something that prevents your team from continuing the flow of the sprint. You have to tackle these blockers next in order to achieve your sprint goals. The Sprint Blockers gadget displays all pending impediments or blockers of a sprint, so every member of the team can see what’s in the way and figure out what to do next.

Sprint Blockers gadget

Sprint Health

How’s the current sprint doing? It’s easy to find out!

Stay up to speed with the latest information about the progress of each status of the working process; the number of days, blockers and flagged left; and the scope change in comparison to how the sprint started. The Sprint Health gadget makes it easy to see all the important metrics of your sprint at quick glance so you can assess the health and progress of your team.

Sprint Health gadget

Resolved Issues

Do you ever think “I wish there was a quick way to see how many tickets were resolved in a sprint?”

Great news: there is a way!

Knowing how many issues have been resolved is key to understanding how the team is performing in the current sprint. Adding this gadget to your dashboard will keep you fully informed about the work done. You can even compare your current progress to a previous sprint. The Resolved Issues gadget allows you to display the number of issues resolved in a specific period of time: A sprint.

Resolved Issues gadget

Sprint Burndown

Do you know if your team is on track in the ongoing sprint? Should we review the priorities given the current pace?

In a sprint, everything’s about timing. It’s crucial to visualize whether the team’s on pace to meet the deadline. The best way to do this is to track the story points remaining against the completion date. The Sprint Burndown gadget is awesome for this, because it displays the amount of work remaining in the current sprint, as well as the work that’s been completed.

Sprint Burndown gadget


Each release is a point in time when you plan to deliver value to your customers. Keep track of releases and make sure that value was delivered.

Ultimately, we just have one goal in software development: deliver, deliver, deliver! The Releases gadget displays the latest version number of the set of selected projects over a period of time. Versions have different status (unreleased, archived, or released) depending on the stage of your software cycle.

Releases gadget

Scrum Velocity

You have to know know the velocity of your team in order to improve.

Scrum is about continuously delivering value to customers. Looking at team velocity helps you understand when that value can be released. With time and experience, teams can forecast when the items in the backlog can realistically be in the hands of users.

The Scrum Velocity gadget shows the velocity of your Scrum team, calculated using the average of completed estimates from a set of sprints.

Scrum Velocity gadget

Formula Cards

Imagine displaying the result of any calculation choose. Great news, this is totally doable!

Calculating your own mathematical formulas is very powerful because it helps you tailor your reporting according to your company’s specific needs.

Say you want to know how much you have to charge for all the billed hours in a project: it’s easy! The powerful Formula Cards gadget enables you to create math calculations on fields and display the result in either an Icon or a Donut Card.

Formula gadget

Epic Progress

Getting Epic percent and count complete on a dashboard provides game changing insights.

Epics are key building blocks for breaking down our projects into pieces of work, so our teams can work seamlessly. Getting a direct view of how epics are progressing is critical to the flow of the sprint.

The Epic Progress gadget enables you to clearly display the progression in the completion of a particular group of epics by different estimation statistics.

Epic Progress gadget

And lastly, “old reliable”: ✨JQL Custom Charts✨

A flexible, all-in-one and trustworthy solution, this little guy can build and display almost any metric you need to report on.

The JQL Custom Charts gadget was born of necessity: we needed to create flexible custom charts. This gadget delivers endless data visualizations by displaying the result of a JQL query or an existing filter, as a table or a chart.

You can select any of the following visual metaphors to represent the resulted data by the JQL: Table, line chart, tile chart, pie chart, bar chart, grouped bar chart, stacked bar chart or multi-line chart.

Let’s recap!

These gadgets enhance your Agile dashboards, which leads to better data, more accurate analysis, and improved team performance.

In Scrum, the more data you can see, the better.

Check out this live dashboard including all these gadgets to see them firsthand. This dashboard is being shared externally with the Dashboard Hub’s External Share feature.

Remember that these gadgets are included in Dashboard Hub for Jira, an app developed by Appfire.

Dashboard Hub for Jira multi-instance dashboard combining data from Cloud and Data Center instances

Dashboard Hub for Jira is an add-on that lets you overcome native Jira dashboards’ limitations by empowering you to create easy custom charts with JQL, or a collection of +70 original gadgets, pre-built dashboard templates, and integrations. If that’s not enough, it simplifies reporting into sharing unique and secure links that lets you save hundreds of hours creating reports. Try it free for 30 days, enough to test tracking a sprint with these powerful gadgets!

For even more powerful and customizable reporting, see Reports & Timesheets for Jira.

Last updated: 2022-11-22

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