Jira Cloud has been getting a ton of buzz over the last year. Cloud is known best for innovation and speed, with less administrative overhead, perfect for teams that want to get up and running quickly. While its benefits for specific businesses are undeniable, Jira Cloud has limitations, which in many cases are difficult to handle by Jira administrators as well as non-technical Jira users.

Who Issue Matrix Cloud is for

You already know and loved the power of Issue Matrix for Server and Data Center. Issue Matrix Cloud was the logical step forward. It was born out of the same aspiration as Issue Matrix Server and DC, but this time to transform the visualization of Jira Cloud view screens to be more effective, faster, and user-friendly and make the work-life of Jira Cloud users much easier and highly productive. The app proves to be an indispensable help to Agile teams, admins, and business users in leveraging Jira Cloud visualization and resolving several of its usability and productivity limitations when working with sub-tasks, linked issues, and stories in Epic.

What it does and how it helps you

Although this is just the beginning of the functionalities set in our roadmap, Issue Matrix Cloud is packed with core use cases solving the biggest challenges in default Jira Cloud visualization and organization. These challenges include limited visibility into sub-tasks & linked issues, inability to understand displayed information, inflexible configurations, and more.

The app gives you greater visibility into additional information and fields about each sub-task, linked issue, or issues in epics without opening them individually and saves you hundreds of hours of pointless clicking. You can also track the progress of all completed, currently running, or to-do issues in the matrix.

Now, let’s take a moment to quickly cover all core use cases you can start applying and see an immediate effect in your day-to-day work in Jira Cloud.

Benefits for Business users

While Jira Cloud’s current interface fits the processes of technical teams, it is still a struggle for business users to realize Jira’s potential fully.

Built as a highly customizable app, Issue Matrix Cloud helps in overcoming these drawbacks by enhancing how sub-tasks, linked issues, and issues in epics get visualized in the Issue View Screen.

Better visibility into sub-tasks & linked issues

Issue Matrix offers several different matrix types you can create and configure to fit the needs of your team.

Sub-tasks in default Jira Cloud

This feature significantly improves the way users interact with Jira and saves organizations countless hours and unnecessary click-throughs, resulting in the increased overall productivity of teams.

Sub-tasks with Issue Matrix Cloud

Content features for better flexibility & information display

Issue Matrix has a set of essential options related to the content of the Issue Matrix table. After you choose the Issue Matrix mode, you can configure a subset of settings (types, context, columns) and apply them to the selected mode.

Benefits for Agile teams

Agile-centric technologies are designed to adapt to and optimize the work of teams by enabling them to quickly and easily access actionable information.

This was one of the defining principles behind the Issue Matrix Cloud app development – to enrich the existing capabilities of Jira Cloud so Agile teams can access and work with actionable data, without the need to navigate through multiple UI pages and waste valuable time.

Kanban boards in default Jira Cloud

Improvement of your Scrum and Kanban boards

The Issue Matrix table content can be configured for Agile boards as well and significantly improves how users interact with the tasks on their Scrum and Kanban boards.

Kanban boards with Issue Matrix Cloud

High customization and increased usability, structure & content display

The app offers three highly customizable modes – Sub-task, Issue Link, and Epic. They enable users to define the types of issues and information that will be shown in the Issue View screen.

Getting started

Now that you have a taste for what Issue Matrix Cloud can do for you, you can start trying it out live with a few very easy steps. You have a 30-day free trial to help you explore and try out various use cases with Issue Matrix Cloud.

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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