Accelerate instance cleanup

How a Sys Engineer helped a global leader in home security and automation reduce time spent on instance cleanup by 50%

“Jira and Confluence CLI are power tools keeping you from doing routine tasks or ad hoc projects involving manual repetition. I wouldn’t be able to do certain tasks if those tools didn’t exist.” Darryl Lee, Sr. Atlassian Systems Engineer The challenge We’ve all seen it: as projects evolve and teams grow, Jira instances accumulate more […]

How a satellite communications company saved 400+ hours per month on engineering and operational tasks

Learn how Dan Tombs, Atlassian Architect at Inmarsat, cut engineering and operational task time by 400+ hours/month with Appfire’s Workflow and Automation solution.

Success Story - Workflow Automation: Increase company-wide visibility

How Cprime turned hours of work into minutes and increased visibility with Power Scripts

Cprime licensing team automates processes and integrates Jira with Salesforce, improving cross-functional visibility using the Power Suite.

How the American Academy of Pediatrics improved their Agile practice and became more collaborative with TFS4JIRA

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has been a loyal TFS4JIRA customer since 2015. In this article, learn how TFS4JIRA provided instant collaboration for the AAP teams executing daily tasks within TFS and Jira.

How Poly successfully merged two Jira servers with zero data loss

Learn how Configuration Manager for Jira helped a growing company migrate 200,000 Jira tickets and 2,200 users with full transparency and zero data loss.

How the City of Cambridge eliminates single-person dependencies in monitoring SQL databases

Learn how SQL for Confluence streamlines database monitoring to enable data status checks across an IT team at City of Cambridge.

How a Jira admin saves time by automating repetitive tasks with CLI

Being a busy admin within a large organization, Peter Macdonald at a large government agency knew he needed to automate repetitive tasks to save time. Read how he automated the user authorization process and merged two Jira instances into a third one.

Update cloned issues with data from external sources

Here is how one of Appfire’s customers – a cybersecurity firm – uses Jira CLI and Clone Plus for Jira to bulk clone and update issues. For advanced users.

Build a better IT governance framework with Confluence

Build a better IT governance framework with Confluence

Building a proper IT governance framework is no longer just for teams following government mandates; it’s become a fundamental good practice for all organizations. These frameworks offer several benefits for teams, especially large enterprises, but their drawback has always been the significant effort it takes to create and maintain them. That is unless the framework is built on Confluence. Take the power of Confluence, combine it with the right document management app, and build a better framework.

Port of Antwerp - Buildding a Confluence knowledge base for all hands

Port of Antwerp – Building a Confluence knowledge base for all hands

This is the first in a series of four articles on the Port of Antwerp, and how it uses Confluence and Appfire apps to manage its documents and processes.

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