Getting Started with JMWE for Jira Cloud

Getting started with JMWE for Jira Cloud


Looking to build and automate Jira workflows? You've come to the right place.

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) is an ALL-IN-ONE workflow automation app that powers millions of users worldwide, as well as half of all Fortune 100 companies. It's a top-rated and top-selling workflow app for Jira Cloud. Why? Because it gives you the tools to automate virtually unlimited use cases no matter how simple or sophisticated they might be.

What can you do with JMWE for Jira Cloud?

A lot! But here are just a few examples we cover in this guide to help you get started quickly:

  • Ensure that an epic cannot be closed until all its stories are closed Condition (3m 39s)
  • Make a field mandatory for certain issue types during a transition Validator (4m 43s)
  • Automatically create subtasks when a new story is created and then close the story when all subtasks are closed Post Function (12m 8s)
  • Add a comment on every transition to show when an issue was transitioned and by whom Shared Actions (6m 3s)
  • Automate calculations, i.e., calculate the labor cost estimates based on "man hours" and "hourly fee" Event-based Action (2m 14s)
  • Every morning, send a reminder email to the assignee of each issue that is "in progress" status Scheduled Actions (3m 7s)

Here is how JMWE helps you automate Jira Cloud

  1. Configure workflows - without code - using dozens of post-functions, conditions & validators
  2. Automate processes outside of workflows using Scheduled and Event-based Actions
  3. Extend beyond limits with our powerful - yet simple to use - scripting engine

How to get started

We welcome you to navigate this Getting Started Guide and cover it all in about 50 minutes! The videos will help you learn how to configure workflow extensions. You'll also discover how to use JMWE best. If you already have JMWE for Jira Cloud installed, great! If not, we encourage you to get the JMWE free trial so that you can configure a few automations in your own Jira Cloud instance.

JMWE configuration options are available to all Jira Admins in your Jira Cloud instance. Here is how to access JMWE options in Jira:


And of course, you can always explore JMWE's documentation to learn more.

If you are new to Jira and Jira workflows, explore these useful Atlassian resources first.

Last updated: 2023-03-21

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