Getting Started with JMWE for Jira Cloud

JMWE vs. Jira Automation

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Limits on multi-project and global automation rule execution (in Jira Cloud Standard)

Many different automations can be built using Jira's native rules. However, as we mentioned in the above video, in multi-project and global automations, Jira Cloud Standard allows for a maximum of only 500 executions per month. This is a very small amount and can often be reached in hours, or even minutes. If your team exceeds this limit, automations simply stop running. With JMWE, you can run an unlimited number of workflow automation rules.

“As a Jira Cloud Standard admin, I was relying on the Automation allowances native to Jira Cloud - and quickly surpassed the 500 transactions / month, even though the team is very small and we have very few automations enabled. Increasing this would mean switching to Jira Cloud Premium, which is twice the cost of the app and all of our add-ons. JMWE is a much better value and has a lot more flexibility than Jira's automation - and you can save the native automation for smaller autos that won't be run as much.”

Nicki Repici

Workflow Conditions and Validators to enforce processes

Since Jira Automation rules run outside of your workflows, there are NO Conditions and NO Validators that these automation features offer. JMWE offers several Conditions and Validators that can be easily configured, and more can be added using simple - yet powerful - scripting.

JMWE's Event-based Actions deliver additional advantages

  • With JMWE's Event-based Actions, you can automate actions using any of JMWE's post-functions, and since they are powered by our simplified scripting options, you can set up much more advanced rules… and we mean much more!
  • Built-in automation rules always run on behalf of the Automation "app user" - meaning their actions will appear under that Automation user, not an actual user. In JMWE's case, you have the option to run a rule on behalf of an actual user (such as the current user).

“I can't recommend JMWE enough. Jira Automation is ok for relatively simple [tasks], but [JMWE] can handle an incredible level of complexity in comparison."

Andrew Zietara

Last updated: 2023-03-21

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