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Sequence of Post-functions


In Jira Cloud, during a transition, all post-functions run in parallel. Often, however, you need actions to be executed in sequential order. This post-function, Sequence of Post-functions, allows you to combine several JMWE post-functions into one sequence so that they can all run in a predefined order.

For example, if you need, during a transition, to first create a new issue and then send a notification email mentioning the new issue, you need to make sure that the first post-function has finished running before starting the second one. The sequence would ensure that it runs properly.

It's very easy to set up:

Just add this post function to a transition, and then you'll be able to add and reorganize other JMWE post-function right inside it. You even have an option to stop execution if one of the post functions fails.

Keep in mind that the Sequence of Post-functions guarantees the order of events and replaces the need for using the delayed execution option in other JMWE post functions. However, suppose in addition to the Sequence of Post-functions, you also have additional post functions configured. In that case, you have an option to enable delayed execution and therefore ensure that it will run after other post-functions run.

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Last updated: 2023-03-21

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