Dynamic templates, customizable signatures, and automated actions for common issues in Jira and Jira Service Management

Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira makes IT Service Management (ITSM) and support teams more productive by automating repetitive tasks such as comments to recurring issues, signatures, and actions.

Key features include:

Templates for Jira issue description and custom text fields

Create new templates and use them to automate bug reports, feature requests, and other repetitive tasks. Templates are available in comments, Jira issue description fields, and other multi-line custom text fields.

To make navigation easier, you can organize these templates into folders. Advanced visibility permissions allow managers to make templates available only to people who need them.

Automated Actions—automation for each template

Automated actions in Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira empower ITSM and other teams to standardize their processes. All templates can have a predefined and individually triggered sequence of actions. This is especially useful when agents need to correctly identify the case and assess the situation before triggering the actions. 

With this feature, you can transition an issue to a given state and set values within issue fields. For example, you can auto-close tickets by using a template to thank the customer, which will automatically transition the issue to “done.” When a different template is used, the issue can remain open. 

You can mix and match sequences by adding multiple actions to each template to suit your specific processes.

You can also leverage the power of Jira automation by triggering particular rules as an automated action through a web request that triggers the automation. This means that, effectively, you can do anything that Jira automation can as part of your templates. Additionally, you can feed custom data to the automation using Canned Responses’ macros in the request’s body.

Automated Actions are available in Jira Cloud; read the documentation to find out more.

Customizable signatures for responses

The app also allows you to create and manage response signatures. You can use dynamic data for each user and project. These flexible responses can be customized on three levels: global, project, and personal. You can even restrict signatures to ‘Reply to customer’ in Jira Service Management.


To learn more about signatures, visit this documentation page.

Insights, with advanced filtering, for managers and teams

The Insights Panel, with its advanced filtering functionality, enables managers to see how their teams are using Canned Responses. They can drill further down into template statistics to discover how agents communicate. They can then use these insights to promote the most frequently used Personal templates to Project and Global levels, compare template usages, and declutter the templates list.

Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira integrates seamlessly with Chat for Jira Service Management. Read more about it here.

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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