Chat JSM

Chat with your customers and handle their requests in real-time

Seamlessly integrate a live chat widget onto your customer-facing website with issues and support requests in Jira.

Boost customer satisfaction by speeding up your support request resolution with Chat for Jira Service Management. This app is fully integrated with your JSM instance (no additional 3rd party chat software required).

Chat with your customers directly from Jira Service Management tickets

Chat for Jira Service Management lets you chat with your customers in real-time, from a chat widget on your customer portal or any website, and seamlessly turns these conversations into Jira issues and Service Management requests and comments.

Update issues with chat messages on-the-fly

Chat for Jira Service Management provides a seamless experience for customers, call center agents, and IT service management teams. Customers will see your public comments as messages in the chat window, and their replies are saved as comments in Service Management requests.

Monitor request queues and team’s availability with our chat tool for Jira

You can also use Chat for Jira Service Management to monitor live updates of request queues and your team’s availability, and let customers know when your team is available to chat.

Chat for Jira Service Management integrates with Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira, find out more.

Last updated: 2023-06-05

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