How can service desk teams optimize their daily tasks to spend more time helping customers?

In this on-demand webinar, Appfire’s in-house ITSM specialists Onder Ozcan and Faith Nyamande discuss three common IT service management and enterprise service management (ESM) use cases, with practical tips and tricks on how to solve them. These solutions and apps can also be applied to countless other real-world challenges.

In this webinar, Onder and Faith cover the following:

Use Case 1: Facilities Management

  • One of the biggest challenges facing service desk teams is how to manage numerous service level agreements (SLAs) with varying contractual obligations for different customers.
  • Featured app: Time to SLA
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Use Case 2: HR Onboarding

  • Collaborating with multiple teams across different platforms can be difficult, especially with increasingly distributed teams and if someone is away.
  • Featured apps: Time to SLA and the Enhancer Plugin for Jira
  • Jump to minute 19:10

Use Case 3: Continuous Improvement

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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