Keep your service quality high by instantly visualizing your teams’ status and getting alerts on potential SLA issues

Time to SLA is an IT service management tool that allows teams to keep on top of their SLAs – easily create, track, visualize, and report on service level agreement (SLA) performance in Jira.

Features include:

  • A customizable and color-coded panel to showcase SLA statuses at a glance with the real-time counter.
  • SLA notifications within Jira as well as via email and Slack.
  • An unlimited number of calendars and time interval options – perfect for dynamic teams.
  • Reports and gadgets for useful insights that can be shared with your team and management.

And more.

This app is easy to set up – in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Create

Define SLA contract conditions based on Jira issue statuses, date fields or comments. Set SLA goals as a negotiation date field, fixed duration or dynamic duration. Narrow down the scope by using JQL functions if necessary. And your SLA contract is ready to begin.

Step 2: Track

The SLA panel is ready as soon as your SLA contract is in progress. Check the color to see the status and use the real countdown timer to find out how much time is left. Need more? Then you can add more colored TTS fields to issues.

Step 3: Report

Pick which fields you want to see in the report and with the TTS JQL functions, you can get specific results quickly. Export your results to Excel with just one click. Need to see live data? Then you can add built-in TTS gadgets to your dashboard and watch your status live.

You can start tracking your SLAs in just minutes.

Last updated: 2022-08-04

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