The ultimate guide to Jira migrations

Industry’s highly seasoned migration experts created this comprehensive resource on Atlassian migrations. This 200-page ebook walks you through the process step-by-step with tips and worksheets for any migration scenario.

The guide to managing Jira configurations at scale with CMJ

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) is a powerful configuration app that enables you to accomplish all your migration, governance, and change management tasks – all through automation, quick fixes, change and impact analysis, change roll-back, and audit logging.

Making the most of daily change management and large migrations using CMJ

In this on-demand webinar, Appfire’s Kelsey LaMastres demonstrates popular use cases for Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ): Migrations, Merges, and Daily Change Management in Jira. 

Forrester study: The total economic impact of Atlassian cloud

In this study, Forrester spoke with four customers who have migrated from Atlassian’s server products to Atlassian’s cloud products to conduct a Total Economic Impact analysis, commissioned by Atlassian, and examine the potential ROI customers may realize by migrating.

Checklist: Is your business ready for Atlassian Cloud?

This migration checklist will help make you aware of your current state of preparedness and key areas to consider in order to ensure a smooth cloud migration, with minimal impact on operational continuity.

Integrity Check for Jira

With Integrity Check, Jira admins can quickly identify, locate and resolve configuration errors in a Jira instance, regardless of its size and complexity.

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud? 7 key decisions to make about apps

Go through a number of key decisions that will need to be made throughout the process to ensure a successful migration, meet the tactical daily needs of a diverse population of users, and serve as a strategic foundation on which an organization can build and grow.

How to migrate native JSM templates to Canned Responses

If you’d like to boost your team’s productivity by automating repetitive tasks with dynamic templates and you’re already using JSM’s native templates, here’s how you can migrate to Canned Responses for even more capabilities and features.

Configuration Manager Cloud Migration Tool

Configuration Manager Cloud Migration Tool is a free app that pairs with Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud and enables smooth migration of data and settings from Jira Server to Jira Cloud. These two apps will help you migrate projects, users, workflows, issue data, attachments, and more to the Cloud.

Effective PPM in the face of Atlassian’s journey to Cloud

Do you know what implications migration to the cloud decision will have on users like you? How to prepare for migration and what support you can expect? This white paper is packed with in-depth information to give you the best outlook on this new situation.

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