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You’ve got questions about Atlassian’s Server end of life, so we rustled up some answers! To help you prepare for the date support ends for Server apps (February 15, 2024), we tapped Appfire experts, Jira migration expert Rachel Wright, and the information Atlassian’s shared publicly so far.

NOTE: We focus primarily on Jira when talking about migration, but the Atlassian decommission also includes other products, so be sure to check out the Atlassian Community and Atlassian’s developer blog for more information. And because this FAQ addresses Server end of life as Atlassian moves towards a Cloud future, we’ll focus on Cloud migration.

Server to Cloud Migration

What are the benefits of moving to the Cloud deployment type? Will it be more reliable, more scalable, faster, or offer any other advantages?

YES, there are lots of advantages to moving to Cloud, including:

  • Fast setup
  • Fewer configuration settings to administer
  • Simple user interface
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Central user management
  • And more

And for Cloud, Atlassian is responsible for uptime, managing the application server, database, and mail server, indexing, privacy, security, and compliance.

How will this migration affect the user experience? Will users need to do anything differently to access and use the application?

When migrating to or from Cloud, the user interface and capabilities are very different. For example, the login URL will be different and users will log in with their email address.

We recommend providing both pre- and post-migration user training. 

Before the migration, give users a high-level demo of the differences they can expect to see. Open the source and target applications in two browser windows to show a side-by-side comparison. 

After the migration, redo the side-by-side comparison demos. This time, include any additional changes users should expect. (e.g. URL changes, process differences, login differences, data differences, etc.)

As customers, how will we handle custom configurations or customizations in the server application? How will we handle app settings and data?

Some apps are only compatible with specific deployment types and versions. Users need to know which apps work in the target environment and which don’t.

A couple more things you’ll need to consider: 

  • What other applications do your systems currently connect to or integrate with? 
  • Have you made visual or functional customizations? 

These answers will affect your migration plan. 

Start by auditing the apps and customizations you have. Then verify compatibility, consider costs, and decide what to do with app data.

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant app has a handy assessment feature. It lists apps installed, their Cloud compatibility, vendor documentation links, and records decisions and notes for each. Some app vendors have their own tools to migrate app settings and data.

If you have other customizations, you may be able to get the same functionality through a third-party Cloud app from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Tip: If an app you use is listed an unavailable for Cloud, don't give up! Ask the app vendor for more information. The Cloud version could be listed under a different name, or it may currently be in development.

Appfire Server apps

Q: Will my Appfire Server app continue to work after Atlassian Server end of life?

A: February 15, 2023 is the last date that NEW Server app licenses can be purchased by existing Server customers. February 15, 2024 is the last date that Server apps will be officially supported (all M&S renewals from now on will be prorated to end on February 15, 2024).

Q: Will Appfire support my Server app after Server end of life?

A: No, support for Appfire Server apps will end on April 15, 2024. If you need help migrating, we have solutions that can help you in your transition to Cloud or Data Center.

Q: What will my Server app look like after my maintenance period expires?

A: It will continue to work but will not be supported, and over time bugs may cause minor or major issues. There’s also potential security exposure if vulnerabilities are identified in the future because there won’t be any updates or patches to address them.

Q: I still plan to migrate to Cloud/DC but it will be after Server end of life. Will you still be able to help me?

A: We are happy to help you through this transition, either through one of our solution partners or one of our migration apps.

Q: At this time (before Server end of life) when the maintenance period for one of my Server Apps ends, I get messages about renewing the maintenance to get the latest features. Will I still get these messages after Server end of life?

A: Our plan is to change this message to indicate that the product is no longer supported.

Q: My maintenance has already expired before Server end of life, but I need to upgrade so that I can migrate to Cloud/DC. What should I do? 

A: According to Atlassian: All customers, including Data Center customers, will be able to keep installing updates for apps that were originally installed or purchased before February 15, 2023 until the end of server support on February 15, 2024. You can continue to renew support and maintenance for these apps until the end of the support date.

For Data Center customers using Server apps

Q: Will Data Center customers be able to continue to use Server apps if no Data Center approved version is available, or will all apps need to be Data Center approved prior to February 15, 2024?

A: Server apps are perpetual licenses running in each customer’s own infrastructure. Data Center customers running Server apps inside their Data Center instance will no longer be able to receive new versions, fixes, etc., via the Atlassian Marketplace for previously installed server apps after February 15, 2024. All maintenance and support for these Server apps through the Atlassian Marketplace will end on February 15, 2024. 

If you continue to use Server apps after this date, you’ll be using them without Atlassian support and you won’t be able to renew maintenance and support for your apps through the Atlassian Marketplace. Appfire does not plan to sell Server apps or Server app maintenance and support outside the Marketplace after this date, but you may consider checking with the vendors of your other apps to find out their policy. If a Data Center approved version of your Server app becomes available on the Atlassian Marketplace, you can purchase and/or install the Data Center app to continue managing licensing and support renewals via the Atlassian Marketplace.

NOTE for app sellers: If you want to offer your Server app to customers via Atlassian’s Marketplace after February 15, 2024, your app will need to go through the Data Center approval process.

Q: If Data Center customers can continue to use Server apps, will they be able to continue to renew their license?

A: Atlassian’s official response is that the maintenance end date for Server apps sold through the Atlassian Marketplace will not extend beyond February 15, 2024. After this date, Atlassian will prevent the publishing of app updates or versions. Customers will also be advised to uninstall these apps across their Data Center instances.

NOTE: Appfire is not planning to provide support for our Server apps beyond February 15, 2024. We won’t be doing Server product releases.

Q: If Data Center customers can continue to use Server apps, will app vendors continue to upload new versions of Server apps to the Atlassian Marketplace?

A: Atlassian has said that vendors can continue to upload new server versions until February 15, 2024.

Appfire does not plan to make new versions of our Server apps available after this date.

Q: What are the plans with regards to the Server listing on the Atlassian Marketplace in general? Will they be removed?

A: Over the next 12 months leading up to February 15, 2024, Atlassian is planning to update customers through targeted emails, website updates, in-product messaging, and other channels. Server app listings will be visible on the Atlassian Marketplace until February 15, 2024.

What to know about Appfire’s Server end of life plans

  1. Appfire is not planning to provide any new releases, bug fixes, patches, etc. for our Server apps beyond Atlassian’s February 15, 2024 end of life date for Server apps.
  2. Appfire is not planning to provide product support or maintenance for our Server apps beyond February 15, 2024. Customers will not be able to extend their maintenance and support (M&S) for Appfire Server apps beyond February 15, 2024 via the Atlassian Marketplace or any other sales channel.
  3. Appfire has invested in creating Data Center and Cloud versions for our popular Server apps and continues to invest in these platforms alongside Atlassian.
    • After February 15, 2024, Appfire Server apps without a Data Center or Cloud version will be archived, according to Atlassian’s guidance. This means they will no longer appear on the Atlassian Marketplace, and they won’t be available for renewal.
    • After February 15, 2024, Appfire Server apps (without a Data Center version) that are being used inside a Data Center deployment will continue to be available as a perpetual license, but will not be eligible for maintenance and support (M&S), and they will not receive any upgrades, bug fixes, patches, etc.
    • We will continue to evaluate the demand for new Data Center and Cloud versions of existing Server apps. If you’re interested in one, submit a ticket at to let us know!

Last updated: 2023-07-31

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