Why limit yourself to a JQL query search when you can also customize how you visualize the results. In our previous blog, we discussed how to generate dashboard charts using a JQL query search. Today, we want to announce that we are re-launching our JQL Search gadget as “JQL Custom Charts” gadget. Available for both, Jira and Confluence 🙂

We felt it was belittling to say this amazing gadget was just the result of a JQL query search. Plus to make it even more robust, we are releasing new features: In-product help, custom colors and the ability to hide specific segments and reorder them.

JQL Custom Charts for Confluence and Jira

In-product help to easily create your JQL charts

We strive to make our products even more efficient with every release, which is why from now on we’ll guide you while building your charts, so you know you are on the right track every step of the way.

Custom charts in-product help

You can now see prompting messages throughout every step of the process. We are committed to keep on improving this help in upcoming updates, so please let us know when you need extra help or hints, and we’ll make it a reality.

Custom colors to effectively communicate your chart data

We associate colors to situations, benefits, emotions, features, signals, events… Within our organizations and teams, it’s common to associate concepts to specific colors, making it easier and quicker to communicate different ideas and information. Therefore, we’ve made colors a vital part of the way you can transform data into information through visualizations.

With this new feature, we cover a highly demanded need of our customers and users. Now, your reports can showcase corporate or team colors to reinforce communication, provoke emotions and highlight important information.

Custom Chart color picker

For example, you may want to use scale of greys for a segment of values that are not important for a given argument and avoid distracting the audience from the key insights.

Hide segments to highlight the important part of your message

Just as important as being able to highlight notable information is to be able to hide distracting information. Not all the results are vital when communicating information in a chart, so the JQL Custom Charts gadget empowers you to display only the right information for your audience at any given time.

Custom Chart hide segments

Reorder segments

Along the same lines of hiding segments or customizing the colors of your charts, rearranging the position of existing segments or values allows you to prioritize the order of the information presented in your charts.

Custom charts reorder segment

From reordering the segments with less weight for the report at hand, to putting together those with similar relevance or highest contrast to make a point, JQL Custom Charts has you covered.

JQL Custom Charts in Summary

This is a new step in our crusade of making Jira and Confluence reporting easy and powerful through dashboards – with custom charts being a key piece of that. Data visualization requires adaptation to effectively communicate the information to your audience, and with JQL Custom Charts it’s now a piece of cake ?

If you have any doubt about how this gadget works, check its documentation page here, and if you want to see how these Jira or Confluence charts work with advanced date and time fields, see Enhancing your Dashboard Charts in Jira through Dashboard Hub.

Last updated: 2022-11-22

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