Canned Responses offers dynamic and reusable templates for responses to common issues in Jira Service Management and Jira Software. Chat for Jira Service Management is a live chat that’s fully integrated with JSM, allowing service desk agents to handle requests in real-time. And these two apps are even better together.

Chat for Jira Service Management works with an integrated Canned Responses feature, allowing agents to respond to customer requests even quicker. It removes the need to copy and paste a standardized message. Agents get quick access to greetings and closing templates to communicate to customers and provide a faster response time.

How this helps agents and their managers

  • Agents can provide a quick answer to customers for frequently asked questions.
  • Managers can set up templates for the whole project and standardize procedures in handling customer cases.
  • Agents can set up their personalized templates without affecting other agents.
  • There is no need to have a Notepad open for copy and pasting responses to give standardized replies to customers.


Access to this feature requires you to have both apps, Chat for Jira Service Management and Canned Responses Pro templates for Jira, installed in the Jira instance. Once both apps are installed, agents will see Canned Responses Pro within the Chat Dashboard.

This integration feature is available for Jira Service Management for Jira Cloud, Data Center, and Server.

Check out the Chat for Jira Service Management and the Canned Responses documentation portals to find out more about these apps.

Last updated: 2023-01-24

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