Import and display data from any database in dynamic custom fields inside Jira

Power Database Fields provides a custom field option tailored to working with datasets – it lets you pull down multiple field values rather than just one value, saving time and effort. 

There are many ways companies use Power Database Fields: 

  • Online stores manage orders; 
  • Hospitals work with patient info; 
  • Internal teams manage financials;
  • HR teams manage candidates; 
  • and more.
Power Database Fields for Jira

Key features include:

  • Access the data right within your Jira issue;
  • Set user permissions to control data editing;
  • Organize data in a table view;
  • Advanced search allows to find information quickly;
  • Easy to configure;
  • Unmatched control over data;
  • Export to CSV;
  • and more.

Technical use cases include:

  • Retrieve data from external sources and display it as a value in a ticket field
  • Execute any types of queries to the database
  • Get results as a select list or autocomplete box
  • Display information from database or SIL script in a tabular format
  • Query external data sources and retrieve dynamic information, which is automatically integrated into Jira tickets
  • Integrate with legacy systems
  • Remove the need for manual entry by importing external data sources into Jira
  • Use table view in Jira – display data in a grid and be able to export to Excel
  • Run reports on extracted information in Jira
  • Take advantage of our custom field to autocomplete function, which predicts custom field input using the data you’ve imported

Last updated: 2023-03-21

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