Command Line Interface (CLI)

Jira Command Line Interface

Jira Command Line Interface (CLI) uses text commands to automate complex processes in Jira. It removes the tedious, error-prone nature of numerous administrative tasks by automating processes and high-volume operations.

Configuration Manager for Jira

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ)

CMJ enables you to create project or system snapshots of Jira configurations and deploy them to new instances, make safe changes to suit organizational needs over time, and gain visibility into how changes impact the entire system.

Project Configurator for Jira

Project Configurator for Jira lets you manage and migrate data and configurations in Jira Server or Data Center.

Copy Page Tree

Copy Page Tree app allows you to copy page trees faster, adjust page names, avoid duplications, and seamlessly navigate through copied and source pages.


The MultiExcerpt app guarantees consistency across Confluence pages to easily share content, all while saving time to re-key information.

Clone Plus Logo

Clone Plus for Jira

Easily clone single and multiple issues into the same or different project. Even create cloning templates.

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